Meetings App

  • Swipe, schedule and meet with the imbibe Live meetings app!

    We’re excited to announce that for a third year Imbibe Live has its very own meetings app! It’s going to make your experience smoother, more productive – and more sociable.

    The basis is that it connects you with the right people based on your registration answers, and then helps you make real connections by allowing you to schedule meetings, thus helping you to do business with the right people. It will also recommend people to meet, so you don’t have to do all the searching.

    You don’t even have to wait until the show to begin scheduling meetings!

    It takes just minutes to set up:

  • Download

    Download the meetings app from your app store. It's free and you can begin scheduling meetings before you arrive.


    Login using the email you registered for imbibe live with and enter your badge number (you can find this in the email you received when registering). Once you're in, your details will be pre-populated using the answers you gave in your registration. You can add more details about yourself and edit them too. We also recommend connecting your social profile.

    Swipe & Meet

    Swipe, match, schedule and meet! It’s that simple.